Online sales consultant - How to Become a professinal Internet Direct Salesperson ( Sales via chatting on Yahoo! , Skype )

5 years ago, I were looking all the time to find opportunities to make money on the Internet after entering the University . I tried many ways introduced on net , from tiny project like PTC ( Pay to click ) Capcha ( Enter thousands of difficult to see image just for 3 bulks :) . Since i heard of Affiliate business , everything has changed . I have learnt alot of skills for an online sales consultat . I started working for a financial service as an advisory expert and Service salesperson to find clients .

There are many different companies that offer at home sales consultant positions for many fields such as: Software, Ebooks, web service hosting, domain and many solutions related to web industry , so You have lots of options to sell anything from clothes, books, children's toys, purses and accessories, cooking supplies via the Internet or offline shipment .

The great thing about becoming an at home sales consultant is that you can work around your own schedule, whether that be with school, regular day job, children, and household duties. You get to meet new people, have fun, and of course make money selling products for a commission .

In this post, i'll with you some practical tips to complete a deal one-1-one Sale consultant via chatting directly on Yahoo! messenger , Skype or Email .
Below is live chat conversation i make everyday to sale Service ONLINE .

The potential find my nickname on websites, blog, forums and contact me for further information .

Online sales consultant -  How to Become a professinal Internet Direct Salesperson ( Sales via chatting on Yahoo! , Skype )

How to Become a Successful Direct Internet Sales Consultant

There's a funny story about a honest guy, he does not know what lying is. One day at a farm , the owner wanted to sell a cow and a donkey. He wondered "  if chose a wisely salesperson, that guy can be bypassed , he would sell highter price to keep much money for himself  ,Finally, the owner chose the honest guy thingking this is the most reliable people, not afraid of fraud . Go to the market, he shouted : "Mr. and Mrs,  The cow is too old, inability for labor and donkey so weak and lazy ..... "

During the consultation process online via Yahoo, Skype, ... Salesperson always remember the following rules:

1 - Say what guests want to hear 

(Do not say what you want to say )

I mentioned in the Proven formula for a succesful Online Sale - 3 easy Step to make a sale online about the importance of emphasize the benefit for the customer , they do like what they'll get . Remeber that Benefit is very different from Feature .

For example: When promoting an air-conditioner

Feature is an element installed in the machine that is more special than the competitor's product .

Benefit is the money saving for customer . They can save money on electricity bill monthly .
There is no doubt that stating the awesome benefits is the secret in the consultation process to end the deal soon. Also, note the language and style of chat. Absolutely not to send short sentences like chat style for fun .You should wait while customers are typing their question and give the answer in detail. This procedure represents professional manners.

2 - Proud of products and services you provide

The key is quite simple, you must always be confident with the product. For example, you promote the gambling site, if you "prove" gambling is the best road to poor, I am sure you will end career soon . You must always create excitement for your customers and enhance potential profit, art of numbers ... The bottomline is finding GOOD SIDE of the product. Gambling still has the positive side!! All you need to do is focus the strengths and enhance customer benefits. Some benefits of gambling:

+ Mind Games (You need to brainstorm and consider each deal before you decide ) 

+ Capital Management Skills :  Many gamblers are unaware of this, the floor is straight up massacred each other, so you need to share the scientific method  to reduce risk. 
+ Business Skills: Actually, a professional gambler still has the brain of a financial management and business operating . 
+ Reputation: Encourage training, striving to become a pro gambler.
+ Professional: Just open the account and make "transaction" before the computer screen, showing modernization. ....

Well, whether you promote for any product, any type, let's focus on exploiting the positive side, lowering the bad side.

3 - Optimistic about economic background

The general business environment Imagine, if you sell financial services or the investment advisory, insurance, financial brokerage ... How the customers think when you raise your anxiety about economic context or pessimistic attitude about the business environment . Something like: "The economic situation is not very satisfactory, the loss-making company, bankruptcy, ... then, can you recommendation him (her) for investment in shares,stock market  ....

The 3 easy tips above do help you boost your success ratio to a higher conversion for direct online sales .

Just need to put what you learnt into action and enjoy the amazing result .
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