4 steps Manage and Take care of clients ( Potential and Buying Customer in sales management consulting )

Everyday, I join the forums in my niche to advertise my business , Writing helpful article to publish on category website , do the Email marketing to look for new potential customers . I mainly promote my website ( a niche site ) and and my niche site do the task of turning strange visitors into customer with Sales copy page on the website 

View my premium post about How to write a Sales copy page that brings highest conversion ratio to see how the Sales page works on autopilot to get many customer without doing any advisory support .

However, I am sure about at least 10% of visitors should contact you for further information . They get in touch with you via Social chat flatform , ie Yahoo! messenger ( the most famous chatting flatform in the world ) 

After the first time of chatting , some of them may be procrastinating and donot have the final decision to buying your product , You need to learn the client management skills to keep the client data for a purchase in the near future .

In this post, I'll share with you the method I use to classify the clients .

 Step 1 : Create contact list

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 I create an Excel file and store on desktop . The application is very simple. Just create 2 colums , the left one is zone for filling in some information about new potential customer ( visitors visit your website and chat with you ) ad the right colum is official member ( BUYING CUSTOMER )

Step 2 : Contact and send useful tips to potential customer

In fact , the potential customer don't buy product or register for your service at the first time of website site or even chatting for a while . So, you need to keep some of their personal info to maintain and build relationship .
After putting in the Potential customer, i oftens send them useful tips about my niche, discount coupon code, online tool or some awesome free stuff so that they donot forget my product and should make a dicision to make purchase, yeah that's final goal of all salesperson .

Even they donot buy, you had better build close relationship as they may introduce their friends to you when in need .

Step 3 : Move to BUYING CUSTOMER

Great, after taking care of customer in creation, they should become your customer . Now, let's delete their name in the potential zone and move to BUYING CUSTOMER zone

Step 4 : Care about current customer

Many online salesperson make serious mistake that they always look for new customer and forget current clients. You know the MLM marketing business ( Many Level Marketing ) you can make a fortune just with 1 customer .

That only customer can introduce 5 more their friends and you get 5 new customers and what happen if every customer recommend 5 new customers . Moreover, in the business, there is a term lled " Avarage dollar purchase each customer " It means 1 customer can continue to use other product you promote after they are satisfied with the product before . Yes, there is no limit for potential profits .

So, let's spend much time to build strong relationship with current customer and continue to offer best value

I put lists of current customer in a category in the Messenger flatform

Many of my friends ( customers ) in list are oftens in INVISIBLE mode, so It's difficult to know if they are online right now .

No prolem, I just send all the list good words on special occasion such as new year eve, christmas , ... and take special interest in the BIRTHDAY of VIP members to send " Happy birthday and best wishes " for them .
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