8 magic steps to write a sale copy page that sell on autopilot - Ultimate guide to generate conversion ratio over 30%

Hi fellow readers ,

As promised , today I 'll review an ultimate formula to write a powerful sale copy page that brings hightest conversion ratio . Firstly i'd like to metion some terms used widely about Sale copy page before getting started .

What is Sale copy page ?

Sale page is a web page that introduces products or service ( especially digital product like Ebooks , Softwares , plugins, applications for web or open source flatform ... ) This page is very unique compared with normal web page on a website . It's oftens a separate page ( just a page standing alone ) , for example : http://forextradingtutorialhq.com

As you see, there are tons of sale copy pages on the Internet right now, The merchant sell almost everything ( digital products, service ) such as 

+ An online course : That's an membership site that clients need to make payment everything circle for example every month, every year .I have my own sale copy page on this topic, Every clients pay just $5 to become premium member who can get special content , tips and tool to make money blogging . You can teach what you are specized in and there is a hurry market for your couch . For instant : A Golf swing e-couch which gold player can watch Videos illustration or teaching about gym, cooking , gardening , photography , SEO technique, Photoshop Design skills , ...

+ An Ebook : An ultimate ebook , a solution to a prolem such as : Weight loss, Weight gain , Dog training ,Self-improve such as : wealthy blueprint, blogging blueprint, soft-skills ,make money Blogging guide, etc, ..

+ Membership site :  For example : http://asia.wsj.com This is a business,world finance portal, to get premium content, subscribers have to pay a VIP fee . Or a VIP trading zone for Day Trader and Investor ( Stock, currenct , commodity, options , ..) to do researcing .

The image above i took from The Wall Street Journer online newspaper . This is also a membership site, Niche choosen is Finance . Daily it provides premium contents such as : Multi nations economic reports , employment status , Stock market , ...


How the Sale copy page can boost online sales ?

The Sale copy page plays an important role in autopilot online sales consultant business . It will do all the sale process for you, you donot need to introduce the product to potential customer , How the product used , what benefits for customer , how to mame payment , ... A sale copy page will do all the tasks on your behalf .

How the Sale copy page works on the website that has product or service to sell
Click on the image to enlarge .
Have a look at that infographic above, you can see How important the sale copy page is in the website . For summary , the Auto Sale process is :

1/ Make your site present on the Internet and make it useul resource .

Do the Internet Marketing to attract free traffic , for example : Google - Traffic from Seach Engine or Social network : When you post an extremely article on your blog, then publish it on the social network like Twitter , I am sure you can receive lots of following by people interested in your topic , they read and may share to their friends by repost your twitter status , yes it continues going on , you get massive free traffic to your blog .

Other example , you publish so many helpful articles on your blog about bodybuilding niche  , The keyword " bodybuilding " is quite a hot keyword , so many Internet users search methods to have a strong attractive body, and should stumble upon your blog ( niche site )

.. and they may enjoy your practical sharing

2/ Follow your Niche site

What do we expect the audience to do on niche site ?
+ reguarly read articles
+ Follow on social networks
+ Download free resource
+ Expand the blog ( sharing it to friends )
+ Make a purchase ...

Yes, Readers maynot buy at the first time they land on niche site, it requires a period of time to increase trust and espect the site owner to buy what you recommend . Internet is a mess of copy , so the only way to stand out from the crowd and be a expert is to build a practical niche site, just publish articles that do provide real solutions to help reader ( decrease the time to see result, ease of use , make them more heathier, more good-looking , ... )

3/ Repeat the business

Just sell qualified product with affordable price, after first purchase, audience continue to read and share information on your blog and continue to buy another product you launch .

THE SALE COPY PAGE is special page on your blog to introduce your own product/service . Just like salespersion in a shop , Sale copy page has the main task is converting the visitors into buyer ( customer ) . Sale copy represents that salespersion who brings the visitor throught the sale process :
+ Grabbling visitor's attention > Showing the information ; indicate the benefits of customer > Creating trus & credibility > Asking for the sale .

THE BEST PART IS YOU DONOT NEED TO BE A TALENTED WRITER to write a Sale copy that Sells , what you need is to learn the SECRET of proven Formula to create hight conversion Autopilot Sale page .


Dear Internet Maketer ,

Thanks so much for downloading this Free premium Ebook , After spending serious time doing researching this content, I am sure you can write hightest conversion ratio sale copy page that turns traffic into profit in your niche .

First of all, i want to list some popular niche topic that you are working in .
How can I get started while I have no idea of business ?
Donot worry, I'll show the list right now so that you can get the idea .

Have a look at Demo niche sites 

- Stop Smoking Niche Website
- Adsense Niche Website
- Satellite Tv Niche Website

- Web Hosting Niche Website (Hot)
- Learn Guitar Niche Website (Hot)
- Skin Care Niche Website (Hot)
- Weight Loss Niche Website (Hot)
- World of Warcraft Niche Website (Hot)
- Dog Training Niche Website
- Yeast Infection Niche Website
- Anxiety & Panic Attack Niche Website
- Acne Treatment Niche Website
- Golf Tips Niche Website
- Internet Marketing Niche Website
- Six Pack Abs Niche Website
- Fishing Tips Niche Website
- Hemorrhoids Treatment Niche Website
- Colon Cleansing Niche Website
- Solar Energy Niche Website
- Affiliate Marketing Niche Website
- Dieting Tips Niche Website
- Pregnancy Tips Niche Website
- Autoresponders Niche Website
- Online Dating Niche Website
- Acid Reflux Niche Website
- BodyBuilding Niche Website
- SEO Niche Website
- Save My Marriage Niche Website
- Teeth Whitening Niche Website
- Stock Trading Niche Website
- Credit Repair Niche Website
- Facebook Marketing Niche Website
- Article Marketing Niche Website
- Hair Loss Niche Website

Movies & Television
Video Games
Weight Loss
Weight Gain
Real Estate
Online Trading
Foreign Exchange ( Forex )
Computer Software
Online Training Pets
Dog Training
Dog Clothing
Beauty Products
Health Care
E-Commerce Employment
Cell Phones
Internet Marketing
 Food Education
Outdoor Sporting Goods:
Professional Sports Gardening:
Online Gaming
Solar Energy
Going Green
Web Design

Now, you have choosen the most suitable niche for yourself, Let's begin at the beginning ...
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