How I get started ?

Hello guys ,

Who am I ?

My name is PHUONG, from Viet Nam . I am a Full time Sale consultant on the Finance Market Niche, and I also run an online business in the Internet Marketing field . Everyday, I provide trading signal for clients and looking for new customers . I have been in the Forex consultant market for 5 years and I have learnt a lot from this Job, especially the method to encourage people to invest money in the market. Recently , i have started a online Internet Marketing course which teach how to build Passive income with Affiliate Marketing Business. 

5 years ago, when a new business management University student, I tried my ways to make money. At that time, I just need $5000 to buy an expensive moto call SH . I used to work as a salesperson to sell physical product, A MLM marketing , A Forex trader , ... I didnot make significant money for those job , However, with MLM ( Many Level Marketing ) and Sales part-time job, I have learnt a lot about Sale skills which made me a fortune after that .

I am succesfull with Forex consultant job and Training niches, so I decided to build this site to share all my approach and practical experience on How to run a profitable autopilot sale website and How to advise people directly to BUY your product . 
There are many models of monetizing for Niche site and Blog.
For example : 3 main monetizing methods :

a/ Sell your own product , Service ( Self-employed )
You can sell your own digital product on autopilot on or or trade your time for commission with a consultant service such as : Web designing , graphic design , application code for freelance job , ....
This model requires much time to maintain. If you run a consultant service online like a finanicial trading consultant , you should spend many hours before computer to contact your clients and support them all the time, even to mid night for some special field like trading service consultant . The advantage of this model is you donot have to share your profit with anyone, it means nearly 100% profit

b/ Affiliate Sale - Autopilot Sales
Build a niche site,blog about a speific niche such as : Premium Website Template, Hosting service, Domain sevice , ... and earn a commission for every sale made via your unique Affiliate Link provided by the merchant .To make money passively in this Affiliate model, you must write as much as article around your topic. If you choose template, you should write a lot of blog post about your own review, tutor, tips to choose awesome skin for website, Content SEO tips, ... The readers from free traffic like Google, Yahoo! land on your blog, they might bookmark, follow you on Twitter, facebook for a while , then they should buy products you recommended when they trust you and respect what you share for free . 

I love this model most as it has many big advantages : You donot need to spend much time online, you can relac and play with your children while the Affiliate / Autopilot Sale website works for you , It takes all the process like a real salesperson is standing before potential to encourage them to buy .

To success with this model, You should prepair writing Skills and ready to do marketing online any time, anywhere . 

c/ Advertisemet Model
Now, the Internet has changed many thing from social to business.With a global blog, you can make passive income easily by working hard first, then enjoy for a very long time . To maximize the profit from advertisement like Google Adsence, Simply add as much as value to your content, For instant, You choose a niche blog about Tennis or Golf, You should spend much effort to have your own experience and share what you have leant from practice . Worldwide audience search on Google and find your blog, They must bookmark and follow  your blog normally as it's a great resurce for free . Then, you also reveive qualified traffic by word of mouth. Your blog's reader themselves will help spreading your blog's authority and your personal brand to their frinds and scial network : Twitter, facebook , ...

With a Ads model Blog, Content is Marketing + SEO plus . The more you write the more you have passive income . "Passive" doesnot mean just launch a new blog, post some article and hope to see the profit rolling into your pocket. Always remember that you must create a valuable website ( a perfect resource for audience interested in your niche ) This process oftens takes about 2-3 years to entirely enjoy your profit without effort .


Donot worry, I am here to help you become a professional Online Salespersion ( Both manually and Autopilot )
Follow this Blog, you can learn step by step how to ;
+ Build a Sale copy page ( landing page ) with higth conversion

I call it auto marketing sale page as You donot need to contact potential customer to introduce about your product, service , They just land on your Sale page, Read the content and decide to purchase . That's perfect , right !?

On this blog, you can learn to design and write killer content for your Sale copy page .

+ Give direct advise to client ( An online Salesperson )

When potential client stumbles upon your website, they need more information , they should contact you directly via Chat ( yahoo! , skype, ... ) or Email to send more questions . This time, You need a skill to give perfect answer to promote your product or service . I'll share my real experience on this topic in deep and insightful .

+ Picking a profitable Niche and run your own Affiliate Sale Blog


I found some great website about niche site guide and make money blogging topic to help you build your own

1/ Niche site guides
(About keyword research , how to make passive income ads model niche site)

2/Go to each of the following 15 article directories and register for an account:
  1. EzineArticles
  2. GoArticles
  3. WebProNews
  4. ArticleDashboard
  5. SearchWarp
  6. PubsACS
  7. ArticleBase
  8. Isnare
  9. Buzzle
  10. ArticleCity
  11. IdeaMarketers
  12. Site Reference
  13. Article Alley
  14. Web Source
  15. Amazines