Proven formula for a succesful Online Sale - 3 easy Step to make a sale online

Hello, Firstly I introduce about my Sale Copy page The page is written in Vietnamese . This is auto sale page as it helps the reader throught Sale process , from getting to know the service to Payment instruction . I absoluately DOnot need to put any effort to make a sale by myself. I just publish the sale copy page and the content of the Sale copy page do the rest . The conversion rate is about 10% , It's ideal for a profitable sale page . In this post, I will show you exactly 3 powerful step to complete a sale with minimal effort . Getting to know this formula will bring you with needed skills to build a auto Sale page later . In the next article, I will show you how to create a lucrative online business with unique tool : Sale Copy page .

Step 1 : Know exactly What customers WANTS ( Find a demand )

It's so simple , A salesperso must know exactly what their potential customer WANTS . What are they looking for ? They are finding information ? A solution to a specific prolem or they wants something to make them healthier , more good-looking , better results , ... ?

For example : When i create an Online Internet marketing course , I am sure exactly what my potential WANTS , those are :

+ They donot have much free time to collection so much free stuff on the Internet ( free tutor article about Internnet Marketing ) , so they donot know where to begin. They donot know How to get a website installed and run , don't know the way to register a domain name for website,... and the best ways to promote online . For that opportunity, I build a step by step course whih help newbie from scratch .

+ They WANT a practical teachig method , Not only text document but also Image  Video illustration . In fact, there are so many people who are not familiar with Google + , they donot know how to open their own G+ page , so I did simple task such as : Making instruction videos about how to create a G+ page . The newbie training niche is so profitable as the market is huge .

+ Fast and Direct Support : A direct support is effective way of promotion as almost all of us would like a fast and professinal 1-and-1 support. I have helped my clients with direct support via Skype, Yahoo! chat and Teamviewer ( A free software to adjust and give instruction online ) ....

Step 2 : Fill that demand .

After the first step about getting to know what potential customer WANTS, we have a list of their needs and wants. At this stage , What we do is providing a solution to satisfy the customer . Remember that It is ALWAYS easy to sell ice water for a person at desert . Let's offer a best solution to customer's needs . Come back to the example of my Online course , I have provide a step by step lessons to make sure clients will do the task easily , I made everything simple to build a clear teaching method which many clients want . 

Remember :

+ All of us love the simpleness : None complains just as the product or service is too easy to use , So you should create infographics to demonstrate it's so easy to use your products

+ The short time to see the result : For example : It's only 2 months to start making passive income from website, blog . State clearly the period of time to see the result after using your product, service .

Step 3 : Promotion 

The feedback from current customer may be the best way of promotion as their comment plays an important role to generate trust for new potential customer .. When they give good feedback, new customer will have more trust o salesperson and product

Remember : Donot try to fake with unreal feedback . 
You may have a question that " How can I get feedback for my new Product ? "

When you launch new product, you can offer some free premium version to your friend to get back some of their comment. You can have them answer some question below :


Your Opinion is very important to us.
Please deduct a minute of your valuable time to fill out and submit the form below.
Let us know what can we do to serve you better. Our goal is complete satisfaction and we'll do the best to improve our management team's skills towards that direction and and get quality of the customer service to the highest level. 

 +  Customer information ( Name; Email ; Website )
 + How do you feel the qualify of the product/ service ? ( Tell about the ease of use, effectiveness, How long t see the result ... ? )
 +  Who are you ready to recomment the product to ?

This is my first post on my Blog, In the next article , I will share step by step on How to make a auto Sale copy page .
Hope to see you again :)
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