How Graphic design can boost your Internet business - Content is King and Design is QUEEN !

Currently, professional graphic design industry is a very "hot". All companies ,especially e-commerce business have at least a professional graphic designer.

For simple example, Take a look at two pictures below

Yes, The first pic must be more attractive , eye-catching :)

Graphic can provide more value for a picture !

Graphic design is a very necessary and important to the current trend of most e-commerce companies, which range from the design of products such as packaging design, boxes carton ... to the design nature of marketing strategy as Brochure display products, banner ads, cards, banners, ....

Any design that requires a professional nature, in accordance with the tastes of consumers and consistent with the company's strategy to deliver the highest business performance and reputation of the company. If the company launched any design that offends consumers, or non-professional is a very influential to the business of the company.

For Website, Blog Business Blog Affiliate product number or similar, graphics play an essential role to differentiate $ professionalism. Many Webmaster, Blogger has not invested in this segment, which is severely lacking.
Every new thread posted on the web, Blog, launched products, new services, necessary for you to "hand polished" the product illustrations and photos guide, ... to increase the intangible value to products and services

For a blog post or a new Article

# Graphics (Graphic) gives the impression to the entire contents

Example topics: What common errors do Email Marketing you bankrupt
With the following illustrations, the reader impressed with the contents of the article. Furthermore, the content is emphasized, urgent, urge to stop Marketer Email Marketing activities mistake.

# Summary

Instead of writing thousands of words to express your idea or point of view, An illustration graphic image can summarize the entire contents and make reader remember for long time

In particular, for guiding post (How-to posts ) worths hundreds of words to express. Based on illustrations (which are detailed notes - understandable) can help visitors complete a project most easily
For Sale Copy sales page

On Sale Copy sales page (landing page) images demonstrate the product to encourage potential customers decide to purchase more. For example images on the DVD formatted with Plain text arenot certainly eye-catching BUT the professional graphics on the left let customers know what they will buy and how to use that product)

The client may not buy at the first time visiting the landing page, However, Attractive graphic images can make them come back later

=> Contributing the growth Conversion ratio

How to improve your graphic skills?
Quite simply, without knowledge of Photoshop, Fireworks or any other design program .All you need are:

# 1 - Collection of Icon, File graphics

On the website, the Forum, there are many useful background, icon, ... you just need to download and then separate into threads. When you need to design , It is very easy as you have anything graphic file you need.

# 2 Photo Edit software

I only use each tool Snagit to Design everything from Logo to the illustrations graphic.
For example:
Background images (Header - Footer) on a pretty cool ad pages below

Download 2 background Files above and make them yours :)

For example, I " steal " background graphic file and design my own product : 

More resource article :
I found a useful article about the Infographics but forget the original URL of the article . Read it below :

The Advantages of Infographics


Creating infographics seems to be all the rage these days, but why even take the time to turn a 6-minute article into a 6-hour data visualization?  We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words… but in this case, even the simplest infographic can be worth a thousand leads to your website.

So, what’s the point?

Infographics have the ability to transform a boring collection of statistics, facts and figures, into a stunning masterpiece that you won’t be able to keep to yourself.  Upon finding a great infographic, the reader is overcome with a thrill of discovery- almost like an adrenaline rush, triggering desire to share. The viral nature of these graphics is the key- by creating one that people want to embed on their own site or share via social networks, the original source of the infographic receives links (aka your site).  This ‘link juice’ will not only increase traffic to your site but raise brand awareness and increase search result rankings in a creative way.  The custom design nature of the infographic allows for sponsored branding with official company logos, taglines, and more, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

What kinds of infographics exist?

The few answers that come to my mind: beautiful, too complicated,  ’amateur hour’.  However, if you sit down and take some time to look at the types of infographics that are produced, the majority of them fall into one of four categories.

  1. “State Of”- These infographics capitalize on, well, the current ‘state of’ an industry, trend or idea.  They often combine timelines with a vision of how something is changing.
  2. Resource“- These provide readers with a reference for a topic, and often include ‘How-To’ guides that can be repurposed and used as promotional materials.
  3. Compare/Contrast”- These, as you can guess, compare or contrast two or more things. They allow one to inject humor into content and trigger public debate.
  4. “Evolution”- Evolutionary infographics provide food for thought in a TV game show sort of way.  They establish the source as an authority, and can lead to deep discussions about the history of something and its change over time.

Design Comes Second to Simplicity

The whole point of making an infographic is to make learning information easier, less time consuming, and more memorable. Typically, the easier something is to understand, the more enjoyable it becomes. For the ‘link bait’ to be effective, however, the content must be high-enough quality to encourage others to want to share.  Often, marketers decide they want to make an infographic with a pre-conceived design layout, and have exactly what they want it to look like in their head. Then they go mining for the data. This is the complete opposite of what should be done!

In order to build rich content for an infographic, one should first follow the data and retrieve as much as possible. The data mining process is kind of like skiing- you should always leave the house with more layers than you think you need, and you can gradually take off what you don’t need.  The same applies for data collection: more is always better.  After you have the data, then you identify recurring themes and select relatable information that can be used together in one visualization.  Once you have done this, the design for the data will become almost apparent, and it will be easy to decide the best and simplest ways for the information to be displayed.

A final note when mentioning infographic design- always think about distribution.  The image should be shareable… that’s the reason you made it in the first place… and easily shareable. If the infographic is too tall and skinny, or too wide, it may not post correctly to social media sites, especially Facebook.  One must always think about what will happen to the infographic after it leaves their desk, and design accordingly.  Many infographics have been made into poster prints and even books! Don’t miss the chance to hang on someone’s bedroom wall just because of poor design.

Infographics Galore

It is safe to say that we at Blue Wheel Media have an overwhelming obsession with data visualizations. Even if you have the slightest interest in infographics, take a look at these sites (preferably when you have a ton of free time, because you wont be able to stop). I won’t tell you which one is my homepage, but you can guess.

Our Favorite Infographic Sites

Have fun !
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