How to take a direct online sales deal soon and what to do with their reject for your product .

 During the conversation with your potential customer , keep in mind these elements : 

What they are caring about ?

For sales online (Consulting via chat, email, phone, ...) to note the factors that customers care about most, they are:

+ The guarantee to see the positive result after using product

Before buying a product or service registration you offer , the visitor wants to know what they will be achieved After using products, so, Online salesperson advisory should be brief, concise that our customers will certainly get

+ Time 

Most of all want to be effective quickly, so you need state a specific period of time to achieve the result.
For example: Sale of an online course

I emphasize the specific time to complete the process of learning and practice , then customer can start to benefit from what they have learnt.

Specifically: "Within two weeks, within 1 month ... you will be equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to start .....

+ Prices

Note: The majority of customers like the discount period, take advantage of this promotional material to encourage customers to buy right now .

You need to end the sale as soon as possible.
During the consultation process, should not be lengthy explanations about the product specifications or relevant information, let's focus on our customers benefits and pushing for action today to enjoy the  promotions or limited bonus, discounts or other personal assistance services one -1 -one.


Customers can reject with the following reasons:

+ No confidence and trust in the product

Solution: Take out the review , real feedback of current happy customers , provide information about the origin, personal contacts, ...

+ Not knowing how to use product  (hard to use, ..)

Solution: Simplify everything, making the image very brief instructions, easy to understand and give dirrect support via Teamviewer, video chat,, ....

+ No financial terms

Solution: Personal discount,

+ Refuse as other merchant offer better price or hotter promotion, bonus

Solution: Keep customer information ( View this post about Management potential customer , you may cooperate in the future
Maintaining relationships ....
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